Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide same day delivery?
Yes we can, wherever possible we aim to deliver to your location on the same day the booking is made.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, card and bacs payment for orders. Please note we do not accept cheque.
Do you deal with brokers or large commercial jobs?
Yes we do. We have a public roll on / roll off weighbridge which is available throughout the year. Our facility is well equipped to deal with jobs of all sizes.
What is your environmental policy?
At Holborn Waste 2015 Ltd we recognise the fact that the nature of our services results in an overall impact on the environment and that by conducting our business in a responsible manner we can reduce that impact.

We are therefore constantly looking into new technology and ideas to reduce the impact we have on the environment and implementing them as to reduce the amounts of energy, water and waste that is generated.

Environmental activities so far:

  • We are recycling as much glass, paper, plastics, metals, wood, soils and brick as is possible.
  • Water saving devices have been installed on site.
  • Lamps and lights have been fitted with low energy bulbs.
  • Air conditioning units are set at optimum temperatures.
  • In our workshops we are committed to sourcing parts locally to reduce the amount of delivery miles travelled, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.
What is your sustainability policy?
  1. Communicate our environmental policy and strategy to staff and to raise awareness amongst these groups of their own environmental responsibilities and requirement to commit to environmental improvements.
  2. Comply fully and where possible exceed standards set in relevant UK, EU and international regulatory requirements and agreements.
  3. Reduce our carbon footprint through prudent use of fossil fuels (through energy conservation, management and efficiency within buildings) and to switch to low-carbon fuel alternatives where possible.
  4. Manage and reduce water consumption.
  5. Deliver a transport plan to reduce single occupancy vehicle; implement measures to encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport as principal modes of commuting and business travel for staff.
  6. To use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.
  7. Protect natural habitats and encourage local wildlife and biological diversity of the company’s canal side.
  8. Integrate principles of environmental sustainability within all company policies and practices, specifically to those relating to procurement of goods and services.
  9. Refurbish and develop the company in a manner that avoids negative environmental impacts and enhances the local environment.
  10. Avoid or limit wherever practical the use of environmentally-damaging substances, materials and processes.
  11. Work with local, regional and national partners to realise environmental projects.

The policy itself is subject to annual review.

Items we do not accept
Please note we do NOT accept hazardous items, food, and medical waste. We also do not take difficult items such as mattresses, fridge freezers, tyres, paints, chemicals and other similar items. For some items there may be an extra charge. If you have queries please check with us first to avoid further charges.
If you have any other questions please contact us we’ll be happy to help you.